Cover to Cover #64: Richard Purtill / Lynn Terelle

Richard Purtill
Now here's an interesting concept. Take an author who wrote a book 30 years ago under a traditional publishing house and find a way to re-release the book without a massive run. That's what Richard Purtill did with The Golden Gryphon Feather. His book mixes archeology and mythology, which is very apropos considering he mixed traditional publishing with POD, or Print On Demand.

Richard gives great insight into the world of publishing, having a writing career that spans many years and many different publishers. He brings a new spin on the usefulness of POD, something other authors who've had books go out of print might want to listen to.

Lynn Terelle
Lynn tackles the moral challenges of cloning in her book, The Book of Daniel. In this book, cloning is both responsible for a global apocalypse and our species only salvation. Playing off of several famous characters from both the ancient and the modern world, Lynn spins a tale of intrigue and mystery... with a message. It's a great book! Don't miss it.

Dragon Bites

  • Not all video games make good movies
  • LotR:Two Towers ranks fifth in all time gross
  • Sabrina canceled! (And there was much rejoicing...)
  • Cleopatra 2525 officially nominated by Evo as the worst show EVER
  • Fred Rogers is now an asteroid
  • Peter Boyle stars in Scoobie Doo Two
  • T3 topics and Arnie classic lines
  • Elle wears an aluminum foil hat. Yes. Elle.

Feed the Dragon
Fraud the people, get a refund. Only WorldCon and Enron. You've gotta hear this...