Cover to Cover #68: Tamara Thorne / Lee Nelson

Tamara Thorne
Author of the psychological thriller series Sorority, Tamara joins us to discuss how she weaves sex, humor and horror together into a trilogy.

In stores now, fans can find Merilynn, the second book of the series. As you might have guessed, these books center around a sorority, and the trials and tribulations of some of the young ladies living there. Ghost stories and panty raids? We're in like flynn!

Lee Nelson
In a great departure from our tradition of speaking with science fiction or fantasy authors, we talk with Lee Nelson about his latest Western, Among the Indians.

Why, oh why would we choose this book and author? Well, if we told you he co-wrote the book with a well-known author who has been dead for 117 years... would that pique your interest? We thought so. Tune in for a very entertaining segment with Lee.

Dragon Bites

  • Transformers: The Movie... again.
  • Peter Pan on the big screen?
  • Tremors and Scare Tactics so good, we'd like a second helping. Got any bile to go with that?
  • Cats contaminate cinemas, so stay at home and read the book
  • Dust off The Wayback Machine-- Sherman and Peabody head to the silver screen
  • Wonderdog and The Lone Ranger could soon follow...
  • Firefly on DVD
  • Recipe to kill a Disney move: Add one Eddie Murphy...
  • The Terminator for Gov! Vote for me or (sorry) "I'll be back!"
  • Japan and Mars probably won't mix.

Feed the Dragon
People suck. People suck lemons. But when you shut down a lemonade stand for lack of a permit, you really suck.