Cover to Cover #69: Tracy Hickman / Peter David

Tracy Hickman.
Tracy Hickman joins us to speak about his upcoming work, The Bronze Canticles. The book isn't due out for a while, but we thought we'd wet your whistle well in advance. We're happy to have Tracy back on the show one more time.

The Bronze Canticles is more than just another book from Tracy. He's crafted an entire universe to set this book in, and the book starts with "Thrice upon a time..." Don't want to wait that long? Well have no fear. Tracy is creating a DVD preview which details the creative process in the way of video interviews with the creators and other authors. Look for the DVD in book and movie stores coming out soon!

Peter David
Sure, this guy did the novelization of The Hulk, but he's got more things up his sleeve! He's got Star Trek series called New Frontiers and a new book in that series coming out in late fall. He also writes the Apropos series as well as others. He's nothing if not busy, as he posts almost daily on his website. Truly the "working authors author".

Dragon Bites

  • Tabloid gets served on a Nimbus 2000
  • "Cut my favorite scene? What if I pay for it?"... sez Arnie
  • Spike Jones Jr sues Spike Lee for suing Spike TV
  • Toby straps on the spandex for Spidey II
  • Now we know why tap water tastes so...
  • Glow-in-the-dark guppies? Humans again screw with nature.

Feed the DragonEvo tosses all the morons who camp out for the first Krispy Kreme in their state. Yes, it's just that stupid.