Cover to Cover #70: Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell / L. Marie Wood

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
Boris and Julie join us once again to catch up over the past year. They were one of our firsts guests and we're happy to have them back on the show.

Fantasy Workshop is the title of the latest book out by this duo. No, there isn't a link yet as the book isn't due until Spring of '04,. so you'll just have to wait. But if your an artist of any level, you'll want to get this book and see how Boris and Julie approach their craft. While it won't teach you how to draw, it will give you a way to approach fantasy art.

L. Marie Wood
Her latest book is called Crescendo, a story of psychological horror and suspense. It's L. Marie's first full-length novel, and her background is in (oddly enough) poetry, short stories and screen plays. Don't get scared off about the horror title, for it's not your basic slasher story. If you like King and Koonts, you'll like Crescendo!

Dragon Bites

  • Sci-Fi Channel hires a lobbyist to get the govt. to get real with UFOs
  • DareDevil (not DareWear) coming out (that's funny) in a double DVD
  • Talk dirty on the radio, get a bigger fine
  • Marionettes from Thuderbirds head to the big screen
  • Attack of the Garden Gnomes!
  • Cloning Christ - The Movie?
  • Cat proof your computer! No, I'm not kidding...

Feed the Dragon
Evo takes a shot at Egypt because they don't want Keanu? Now wait a minute... Evo hates Keanu, right? Tune in to find out more...