Cover to Cover #72: Gabriel Benson / Judy Galardi

Gabriel Benson of Beckett Comics
Terminator fan? Then you've got to check out the comic prequel called Terminator 3: Before the Rise. It fills in nicely some of the holes necessary to get a movie under 120 minutes.

If you haven't cracked open a comic in a while, you might want to give Beckett Comics a glance. Gabriel was kind enough to send us several samples... and boy are we impressed! Great attention to detail, ultra-fine printing and stunning graphics all combine nicely to make one impressive presentation.

Judy Galardi
Fantasy and sci-fi, with a bit of teen-aged self-discovery and personal triumph are all a part of Judy's latest book called Return to Thrae. The book dives somewhat deeper into relationship, love and loss than most of the novels of this genera, making it worth a read.

Dragon Bites

  • George Orwell was paranoid and crazy. Go figure
  • Microsoft being uncharacteristically generous with eBooks this summer
  • Chicken Run subject of litigation
  • Sharing & touching via the internet. Wonder which industry will take advantage first?
  • Virus that drops your IQ. Fact or fiction?
  • Bidding on french fries proves people are really, really stupid

Feed the Dragon
Are you pissed at the price of beer at the ball game? Would you be even more pissed if you learned the park makes a 2700% profit on your indulgence? Join me us for this feeding, would you?