Cover to Cover #75: Rosemary Kirstein / Susan Kaye Behm

Rosemary Kirstein
The third book in a series, the Steerswomen acquire and disseminate information for the other inhabitants of their world. Kinda like the internet, only slower! It sounds like fantasy, but Rosemary tells us it's really more science fiction. How so, you might ask? Read the book and find out!

Susan Kaye Behm
Children being used in armed conflict might not come as a huge surprise to most of us, but Susan's book Civilized Savages, brings it into new light. And while it is a work of fiction, it is based upon actual events related to her first hand. It's an eerily topical tale you'll definitely want to check out.

Dragon Bites

  • New critters for the Federation to fight
  • Electronic taste transmission. Now everything tastes like chicken.
  • Halle Berry becomes a busy girl!
  • When life hands you a smoking ban, have a Nicotini!

Feed the Dragon
Evo takes a shot at the spammers of the world. Wondering who in the heck is buying something from spammers enough times to make this profitable? He can tell you... and all of them have serious "manhood" issues -real or imaginary.