Cover to Cover #88: James Luceno

James Luceno.
Michael flies solo on this in-studio conversation with James Luceno , sci-fi author of the The Unifying Force, a Star Wars: The New Jedi Order book. Always nice to have a living, breathing author in the studio with us!

Fans of the classic Star Wars will enjoy seeing their favorite characters return in a big way. In addition, new characters have been introduced who will take the series into several new iterations. James has a five year pact with Del Ray and Lucas films to help create and shape the direction the new breed of Star Wars, and his direction ensures the success of this lucrative franchise.

The Matrix, reviewed
Loyal listeners already know how we feel about this piece of... work. We bring Joe Murphy on to help us give it a good thrashing. Listen to that, and then buy the soundtrack. It's one of the few positive things to come out of the Brother's W wasted effort at mythical sci-fi.

Dragon Bites. What's New and Hot In Fantasy and Sci-Fi

  • Hogwarts Hangover Hogwash
  • Matrix Four no more!
  • Indy Jones DVD breaks records
  • 43 minutes of unsee Star Wars?
  • Pinhead vs. Mike Myers. Will they never learn?
  • John Travolta's flying cars

Feed the Dragon
Evo launches a sortee at more anti-Potter morons, this time from Europe.

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