Cover to Cover #89: Mike Brotherton / John Turi

Mike Brotherton
Mike is a professor of astronomy and has taken his passion, wrapped it up and put it in a book. His debut novel is called Star Dragon, and it gets a big thumbs up from Evo, who read the book in a single one-day sitting. Fans of hard sci-fi are going to enjoy this book, as are those who just want a great story. Mike knows how to write an epic chase scene of galactic proportions!

John Turi - Medium Rare Books
What started as a hobby has developed into a thriving small press. Specializing in Horror and Suspense, MRB takes its time with writers to develop the book the right way. Here's another place to look if you've got a story that's looking for a home!

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  • 5 movies + 45 more hours = 9 DVDs. How big of an Alien fan are you?
  • What's the fine for Vamprical Harassment?
  • Underworld 2?
  • How can the guy from The Mummy be the new Superman?
  • Capture the Flag can be bad luck

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