Cover to Cover #91: Robert Reed / Michelle M. Welch

Robert Reed
Bob's latest book is Sister Alice receives rave reviews from Evo, who read it in a single sitting. What would the universe be like if mankind achieved technological advances that made us no less than gods? Bob's book covers that. What started as a simple novella turned into wonderful tale of epic hard science fiction. Faster than light travel coupled with social and environmental angst? It's all inside...

Michelle M. Welch
Like spy novels? Like fantasy? Michelle's new book Confidence Game is just what you are looking for. It's her debut novel and is filled with political intrigue, preindustrial (sort of) con artists and an interesting take on "magic". Look to more great things from Michelle in the future.

Dragon Bites - What's new and hot in fantasy and sci-fi

  • NYC brings MiddleEarth to mass transit
  • Neiman-Marcus and the LotR Xmas!
  • Hellboy gets Frasier's brother
  • Dr. Who on the web
  • Star Wars micro series
  • Harry Potter clones headed to the big screen
  • Firefly DVD is here
  • Why are you sick? Let's check your gas...

Feed the Dragon
Crazy Russians and a hole in the Earth. From Pravda, people. Someone is taking this stuff seriously!

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