Cover to Cover #101: Charles de Lint / Lisa Smedman

It's an all Canadian show this week!

Charles de Lint
Spirits in the Wires is part science fiction, part fantasy and all about discovering the true nature of identity. People cast off from childhood, others created out of cyberspace... and creatures of myth and magic. Charles was a previous guest on the show during LepreCon last year, so we had to bring him back to talk about his latest book.

Lisa Smedman
Book four of a six book series (War of the Spider Queen) is Extinction, the latest by Lisa Smedman. Set in the Forgotten Realms universe, it deals with the dark elves, or Drow, at difficult time for the race as their magic seems not to be working and they are under siege. Lisa started with Wizards of the Coast as a game designer and has made the transition to novelist.

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Feed the Dragon
Mike does the tossing today and his disgusted with all you bootleggers out there.

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