Cover to Cover #102: Megan Morrison / Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Megan Morrison
Megan is the co-founder of The Sugar Quill, a fanfic site dedicated to the works of JK Rowling. Many of you will need a definition for the word fanfic, or the term fan fiction. We cover that and many of the issues and controversies surrounding this growing phenomenom. Yes, we know many of our previous guests are opposed to derivative works, such as fan fiction and we're not taking any sides here. Megan presents her side of the story with clarity and conviction.

Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Danielle is making the transition from small-press to large press, and joins us to speak about the trials and tribulations of making the jump. She's been on the show before (speaking about her modern fantasy novel Yesterday's Dreams) and we're glad to have her back. She's got some great insight for anyone interested in breaking into writing.

Dragon Bites - The latest science fiction news

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  • Mike's puzzled about Van Helsing
  • Casting for a two-headed President
  • Actors playing superheros still should use stuntmen
  • If they wait too long on Indy 4, they might need a new lead...
  • Rumors on X-3 and Star Trek from Stewart
  • British police chief wants phasers. Really. I'm not joking...

Feed the Dragon
Evo tells why OnStar is single-handedly dumbing down the over-privileged.

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