Cover to Cover #106: Dungeons and Dragons 30th Anniversary

Dungeons and Dragons 30th Anniversary Special!

Dave Arneson
Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, some 35 years ago is on the show to talk about how it all happened and how it has changed through the years. If you ever wondered where it came from and wanted to hear from the master himself, listen up!

Ed Stark/Bill Slavicsek - Wizards of the Coast
Ed and Bill are executives with WotC and are both heavily involved with the latest rendition of D&D at 3.5. Since Wizards has taken ownership of the game, an emphasis on broadening the reach of D&D has been applied. Board games, miniatures, computer games... many new ways for D&D enthusiasts, and even fantasy gaming fans in general, exist in which to enjoy this classic game.

Michael Stackpole
A talented writer in his own right (The Grand Crusade), Mike joins us to talk about the controversy which surrounded Dungeons and Dragons in the early 1980's. It was total crap, and Michael has first hand knowledge of the events and will clear the air for all!

Dragon Bites - The latest science fiction and fantasy news

  • Spidey 3 hints are out! No, we haven't seen 2 just yet...
  • Enterprise cast afflicted like Rush was
  • "US off my moon property!" say Germans
  • Drakengard for Playstation looks awfully cool
  • Islanders frightened by dinosaur, but not black magic
  • New dystopia with global warming connotations
  • Vampire slayer found not guilty?

Feed the Dragon
Michael takes aim at folks hoping to trap kids who can't misspell into looking at porn. There is a special hell reserved for these a**holes...

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