Cover to Cover #108: Richard K. Morgan / Anne Harris

Richard K. Morgan
Richard's latest book is Broken Angels, his second book following Takeshi Kovacs. It's a futuristic science fiction / special forces story, where you can "download" yourself to a variety of worlds, taking over the bodies of "sleeves". It's not necessarily dystopia, but perhaps a reflection of our own lives.

Anne Harris
Inventing Memory is the most recent book written by author Inventing Memory. It's an extrapolation of ancient Sumerian mythology transposed on modern American teenagers. Part fantasy, part self-exploration; it touches on aspects of spirituality-- and sexism as well.

Dragon Bites - What's new and hot in science fiction

  • Hong Kong kid takes his gaming a bit too seriously
  • War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise?
  • Alien vs. Predator trailer looks awfully cool. Let's hope the movie matches...
  • Wheel of Time coming to the big screen
  • More vampire slaying... no, really!
  • Do we really need another Blade movie? Yes, we do. It's called Blade Trinity...
  • Bigfoot made me a crappy driver

Feed the Dragon
What do you call a vegetarian that eats meat? What's that? "Everyone else"? So do we... but some asshat came up with a new term for these people. Like we need a new label: Flexitarians. Someone shoot me now.

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