Cover to Cover #112: Thomas Harlan / Wesley Lowe

Thomas Harlan
Tom deals with an alternate history which brings about an alternate future in his book, House of Reeds. It is a continuation of a series of books based on a game Tom developed some 20 years ago. In this series, the Aztecs and the Imperial Japanese have conquered the earth and moved into outer space. Yes, Aztecs and Imperialists. In the future. Wild.

Wesley Lowe
The Griffin's Gauntlet covers one of the classic themes of fantasy, where a normal girl finds herself questing in a magical world, encountering fantastical creatures in her journey to defeat the evil king. Wesley packs a lot into this, his first novel. Joe has a review up in, oddly enough, our Reviews section.

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  • Sky Capitan is the inverse of Roger Rabbit
  • Van Helsing trailer gives it all away
  • Know any 8'-9" tall orange actors looking for work in Vancouver?
  • Epi III May 2005. Lineup starts tomorrow.
  • DVDs made of paper. Yes, paper.
  • Brain implants are being tested. All your brains are belong to us.
  • Check out The Hornets Nest
  • Get the hell out of southern California on Sept 5th. It's the big one...

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