Cover to Cover #115: Michael A. Stackpole / Robert E. Farrell / Janeen O'Kerry

Michael Stackpole
Live from LepreCon 30, Michael talks with Phoenix's own game designer and author Michael Stackpole. His last book was The Grand Crusade, the end of The DragonCrown War series. Mike and Mike have a great coversation about the nature of fantasy, book writing... and cons!

Robert E. Farrell
Robert was at Leprecon 30 promoting his new book, Alien Log. Goverment conspriacy designed to cover up a Roswell-like UFO crash landing near Kingman AZ. Thinking it's science fiction? Think again. According to Dr. Farrell, this book is rooted in fact.

Janeen O'Kerry
Another local author, Janeen O'Kerry talks with Michael about writing in the fantasy/romance genre. In her books, you'll find plenty magic, lost civilizations... all the classice tenents; but the primary story is a courtship between two folks with a happy ending. Her latest book is Maiden in the Wind, with a new one due out soon!

Dragon Bites

  • The latest ELE movie is out...
  • Punishment returns quickly
  • BubbaHoTep 2? Buy the first Bubba HoTep now
  • X-Prize race getting closer
  • ID4-2 ain't gonna happen
  • Gamers are older... and chicks!
  • Step on that spider... Man 2! (and Mike misses the joke)
  • Skulls for sale

Feed the Dragon
Banning cellphones. Sounds like a good waste of our representatives time.

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