Cover to Cover #118: Andrew Fox / James Spix

Bride of the Fat White Vampire Andrew Fox
Andrew is a second-time guest, appearing this time to speak about his latest work, Bride of the Fat White Vampire. Andrew lives and writes in New Orleans, a great place to set his particular take on vampires. As we told you last time, this is not your typical vampire story you might be used to. Funny, sharp and always original.

James Spix
Sutherlin Alliance is the debut novel from James, a long time fan of many Star Wars novels by Michael Stackpole and Timothy Zahn. James pays homage to those stories in this novel, crafting his own space opera.

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Feed the Dragon
Mike passes the feeding to Evo, for special reasons. Rhymes with "Glendon Brazier", if that gives you any idea. Hey, at least it's not Keanu...

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