Cover to Cover #124: Selina Rosen / James C. Glass

Selina Rosen
Selina writes all over the map, both in and out of genre. Chains of Freedom is military sci-fi humor, and no that's not a misprint. She owns and is the head publisher of Yard Dog Press, a small press (not POD) which brings you books a bit too odd for the larger presses. She's also a hoot to talk with!

James C. Glass
James holds his doctorate in Physics, and it shows in his writing. His book Shanji sold out of it's first run and has not been re-relased. It's the first in a trilogy, and if you're a fan of epic tales with a healthy dose of hard science fiction, check out the writings of Dr. Glass.

Jonathan Vos Post
Not only an accomplished science fiction author, Professor Post is behind The Ulimate Science Fiction Web Guide, a list of links which covers the widest swatch on science fiction around. (Oddly enough, we're not listed. Send Prof. Post an email, and ask him to list us, would ya?)

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    Mike takes aim at Spiderman: The Musical. No, we're not kidding...

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