Cover to Cover #126: Bruce Taylor / Kevin Andrew Murphy

Bruce Taylor
Bruce is billed as "Mr. Magical Realism" and gives us a crash-course in this sub-genera of science fiction. Stories that are more "theater of the mind" than your average Space Opera might fit into Magical Realism. Books like Bruce's collection of short stories, The Final Trick of the Funnyman. Think Twilight Zone, and you understand magical realism a bit better.

Kevin Andrew Murhpy
Kevin writes all over the place and has his hands in more SFF projects than you can possibly imagine. His book Drum into Silence was recently released. Kevin actually finished this book for Jo Clayton, who unfortunately passed away before her series of books were completed. A complicated guy, no doubt.

The Science Fiction Experience
They've re-opened the museum with even more attractions. Find out why it's a place you need to be if you're in Seattle any time soon!

Dragon Bites - Science Fiction News

  • UK conference on the evils of horror film (pun intended)
  • Spidey 2 nod to Toby's bad back
  • Wanna-be-Batman wants his kids
  • But before that, he wants a new movie
  • Spidey 4; good idea or bad?
  • Mad Max 4 not a good idea...
  • Trekkie con happens soon!
  • Sci-fi solution to pollution

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes the nod this week and takes on reality TV bordering on horror. Too odd to talk about. Must listen...

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