Cover to Cover #130: Alan Dean Foster / Catherine Wells

CopperCon happens this weekend in Phoenix. Here are the Guests of Honor:

Lost and Found Alan Dean Foster
Alan's latest novel, Lost and Found deals with alien abduction... but from the point of view of one who stays abducted. A man, a dog, and a group of intergalactic poachers. The first in a trilogy, and I for one can't wait to read the next two.

Catherine Wells
Local author Catherine Wells spends most of our recent writing time creating short stories and publishing them in magazines like Fantastic Stories and Realms of Fantasy. Sysop is one current tale that deals with the Universe if it were ran by system administrators. God as an IT geek...

Dragon Bites - The latest sci-fi news

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Feed the Dragon
Hackers suck. Seriously. Hackers suck really, really bad. Profanity has been deleted from this segment. Mo&*%r fu*!(#s...

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