Cover to Cover #131: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson / Peter Prellwitz

Horizons by Peter Prellwitz Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Brian and Kevin are on tour with their new book The Battle of Corrin and were supposed to be in studio with us, but lost car keys got in the way. Instead, we talk with them via phone about this new book in the Dune series, which wraps up the Legends of Dune series. Kevin also talks with us about a new book of his own, Horizon Storms. We're convinced this guy never sleeps!

Peter W. Prellwitz
Run, don't walk, to your computer and download Horizons on ebook form. Peter is one of the finest "new" authors around, and anyone who is a fan of hard science fiction is going to be completely sucked in (no pun intended, as this book deals with singularity drives) to this tale of action and mystery wrapped in a hard sci-fi cover.

Dragon Bites - Science fiction (and just plain wierd) news

  • DareDevil spinoff Elektra trailer online
  • Princess of Mars-based film coming
  • Lucas and co say "no seven, eight and nine. You people are crazy. These aren't the droids you're looking for"
  • Canda cops jail Weapons Master at con
  • Earthsea star gets political
  • Sorbo to focus on comedy, as if he wasn't already.
  • Siggy and Roy on the hook for animal cruelty?
  • That's no UFO, it's just the Pentecostals
  • Farscape: The Peace Keeper Wars trailer
  • SETI finds signal, denies it ever happened

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Again, Evo does his duty, this time at the legal system of Wisconsin, who turn over obvious murder convictions because of a law they say is 800 years old. 800 years? Think about that for a minute, and remember the key dates of 1492 and 1776. Yeah.

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