Cover to Cover #135: Greg Keyes / Ellen Larson

The Charnel Prince Greg Keyes
Greg has been out on a book tour promoting his latest novel, The Charnel Prince, sequal to the phenominal successfull The Briar King. Greg is working in a fantasy world loosely based on missing civilizations from this world. Greg is an anthropologist and wanted a better explaination to why everyone in fantasy tales have Earth-based names. His dogs get in on the conversation, too!

Ellen Larson
In 100 years, an alien archeologist visits earth to learn about our ancient writings, hoping to uncover ways to save his own planet. That's the gist of The Measure of the Universe. It's a quick read (only 100 pages) that keeps you interested. It's another tale of Prometheus, minus all that pesky Latin and Greek tragedy. She's also a writing coach. Contact her for more details.

Dragon Bites - The latest science fiction news

  • Katie Holmes gushes over the BatMobile
  • StarWars restoration was hard. Imagine that...
  • Man chases off cops with cobras... then gets bit. Karma.
  • Countdown to the Peacekeeper Wars on Oct 17th
  • Ebay pays homage to sci-fi
  • Spaceballs II from Mel Brooks underway
  • Shatner holding out for more cash before showing on Enterprise
  • The aliens made me commit hate crimes

Feed the Dragon
Evo crawls to the top of the mountain and shoves his fellow environmentalist tree-huggers down the dragon's throat.

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