Cover to Cover #139: Greg Bear / James K. Burk

Greg Bear
We just had to get Greg on the show again when we found out that the SciFi Channel was developing his novels Darwin's Children and Darwin's Radio. Additionally, Dead Lines, a high-tech ghost story is out in stores. Fans of Greg's hard-science fiction will be intrigued by his treatment to ghost stories.

James K. Burk
Jim has released High Rage, a fantasy novel, as well as several chapbooks (here and here) of the magical realism genre. Additionally, he contributed to the second Bubbas of the Apocalypse compilation.

Dragon Bites - Science Fiction News

  • Buffy babe bails
  • More rumors on Superman
  • William... Shatner... sings... again...
  • Transporters being studied by the USAF?
  • Giant lizard attacks Hollywood
  • Scots pardon witches. Too bad the witches were already exectuted.

Feed the Dragon
Dumbass Texan-scientist bets another scientists that someone alive today will reach 150 years old. See if you can figure out why we called him a "dumbass".