Cover to Cover #144: Richard Hatch / David Lee Summers

Richard Hatch
Yes, we know we're a literature focused show, but some times it's necessary for us to jump out of our comfort zone. Battlestar Galactica is soon to be presented to us all in mini-series form, and Richard is involved (but not as Captain Apollo). The topics range all over the map. Tee Morris joins in on the conversation as well, as he and Richard were recently at a convention together. It's a fun trip!

David Lee Summers
We've bumped into David Lee Summers at many local conventions. He joins us to speak on Vampires of the Scarlet Order, his latest book which deals with vampire mercenaries. The book covers a wide span of time, from the Spanish Inquisition to the current. Turns out the vamps are none-too-happy, as government-made super soldiers are pushing into their territory.

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Feed the Dragon
Another tale about using robots to keep the old farts company. And this time, it helps them not go senile-- but just barely.