Cover to Cover #147: Bill DeSmedt / Tee Morris

Bill DeSmedt
Bill's debut novel Singularity is making quite a splash at the booksellers. Recently named as Barnes and Nobel as a Top 10 Novel of 2004, it's filled with just enough science to keep hard SF fans like myself interested, and balanced nicely with a great story of espionage and intrigue for fans of fast paced fiction.

Tee Morris
Sometimes we've just got to do our follow-ups. That usually means calling Tee to see what's going on. You'll recall Tee as the author of Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, though I don't think we talked much about it in this interview!

Dragon BitesScience Fiction news

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  • Buy a laser, potentially go to jail
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    Feed the Dragon
    The boys on the right (far, far right) are gonna get it from Evo for taking away one of his favorite targets. Bastards.

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