Cover to Cover #152: Peter Archer / Keith Baker

The City of Towers Wizards of the Coast
Peter Archer joins us to talk about some exciting things happening from Wizards of the Coast. Games, miniatures, books... these guys are ear-deep in the genre of Fantasy. To get themselves in deeper, Peter is announcing their plans for a new division of the company focusing on original book publishing. He's putting out the open call to anyone who has a work of speculative fiction ready to go and are looking for a great opportunity, this is it!

Keith Baker
The City of Towers is a success story for those considering the open call above. Keith's world Eberron was picked up by Wizards of the Coast out of 1,100 other entries, and the first novel set in the world is City of Towers. Keith will talk about the development of the world and excitement of entering and winning the contest. See? Dreams do come true. It can happen to you. If you're Bossy the Cow.

Dragon Bites

  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress working to movie
  • Ghost Rider with Nick Cage
  • McFarlane Toys gets big contract
  • Star Wars Line-Upper gets the boot from the jack booted thugs
  • SuperDog on Smallville
  • SpaceBalls on TV

Feed the Dragon
Mike takes aim at The SciFi Channel... because they've taken away all of his reasons to be pissed at them. How sad.