Cover to Cover #201: Matthew Wayne Selznick

This week Michael & Evo talk with Matthew Wayne Selznick about Brave Men Run. This is not a book, but a podcast novel. Tune in to hear about what makes this book so great, and how to find out for yourself how good audio drama can be.

This week we also feed the dragon, and tell you about some other great short fiction.


  1. Michael and Evo,

    Thanks for the great conversation! I had a blast. I really appreciate the support and the exposure.

    I've let the folks on mailing list at know about this episode, so hopefully I'll bring you some new listeners as you bring me some new reader!

    Happy New Year,

    Matt Selznick
    "Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era"

  2. I remember seeing something (on bbc i think) about dyslexia and reading from a computer screen/palm a while ago. One thing that came up was that being able to highlight words or sentences and use different font colours (as well as size and number of words on the screen) could greatly help comprehension for some people. Whilst I'm a paper-book kinda guy, its easy to see how digital books have many benefits. I may one day use both (I'll never give up my lovely, bound dead trees!)

    Now, off I go to check out this really excellent sounding podiobook 😀

  3. Matthew Wayne Selznick's "Brave Men Run" is the hottest property. Great interview Evo!

  4. Hey guys! Thanks a lot for giving Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else a great mention on the show. I'm working on some new fiction that hopefully will be up soon. Meanwhile, if you're looking for cool audio SF be sure to check out the Children of the Gods podcast at and the Falcon Banner podcast from

  5. Karen from Kalifornia says

    Well, you guys really know how to whet a gal's appetite. Can't wait to get this from This sounds like a facinating tale of angst and sci-fi. Very interesting sidebar about dyslexia and what we think are perhaps "disabilities". One very interesting point of view I've heard is that as Americans, we are the decendents of the risk-takers that had the nerve to leave their homeland, like the Irish or the Chinese. And, that people who have ADD or ADHD are actually better suited to survive because they are constantly looking around, checking out their environment. It would be the geeks, poking around at the pretty rocks who would get eaten by the big kitty cats or lizards.

  6. Awesome!!! A mention for the benefit of reading eBooks on Palmpilots. I've been reading eBooks for about 6 years now... and I've got the buying history from to prove it. I read all of Peter Hamilton's original books... 'cause in the US they released the three UK books as six... and having the books on the Palm makes 'em really easy to read.

  7. I have dyslexia aswell, and bad enough that I don't realy read books. But then there was, and I have been enjoying those books a lot. It realy is a great alternative. I can also recommand readplease. It is a text to speech tool which reads my books and websites aloud.

    I also wanted to add that it might be the people who poked around the rocks who got a pretty rock back from moon. Perhaps you need a little bit of both.

  8. Thanks for the generous shout-out guys!

    Incidentally I rate Brave Men Run as up there with the best podcast novels currently available. A fascinating interview, and I hope Matthew does continue the Sovereign series.

  9. Mark in NY says

    Just getting around to downloading the first chapters of this one. Is it just me, or when using iTunes is it simpler just to subscribe as though it were another podcast? I joined but subscribing via that site didn't seem to make any sense to non-rss-using me. Maybe I'm just not geeky enough to make sense of it.