Cover to Cover #204: Tee Morris

Legacy of MoreviFeatured:
We talk with Tee Morris about his books including Legacy of Morevi. A recurring guest, Tee lets us in on what is going on in this exciting series.

Also on the show:
- Jack needs someone to help with his novella podiobook. Needs chicks doing chick voices.
- Mur's Voices: New Media Fiction anthology due in March
- Cory Doctorow, James Patrick Kelly and a host of others.
- Earthcore Giveaway winners
- We bring the logo contest to close. Have your work in by Feb 28th.
- Library. (The books of the week.)
- Feed the Dragon. Not enough sword-play.


  1. well congrats on your anniversary. haven't been with you all 4 but glad to have found you now. as usual Love the Shows (all of them) and you've lead me to many other podcast and podbooks i've really loved. long may you reign...and if i had the software and equip i'd do some gal voices meself...anywho hi to the ninjas (GO Summer) and shout to tee...i'm reading Morevi sequel now...Ancestor was awesome, Brave Men Run is incredible thankyou, thankyou on that one.

    continue to do what you do so well
    long live the DRAGONPAGE!!!!

  2. Is there a problem with the feed? couldn't download the episode via Juice, had to download the mp3 manually.

  3. Whoa.

    The hover link to Amazon is new. Something you added to the site code, or is that all Amazon's doing? (also, AJAX or Ruby?)

    Nevertheless, I like it!

  4. Yikes, I wasn't quite prepared for that!
    OK, here's the lowdown:
    I'm *eventually* going to podcast my novella "Dirk Moonfire & the Nefarious Space Women", which originally appeared in Creative Guy Publishing's anthology "Amityville House of Pancakes, vol. 1". Those of you who've read it know that the female voices would have to be kinda sexy. I'm not even going to attempt that. My wife (who can be heard in the Spherical Tomi Podiobook and also as the Love Prowess voice on Duel of the Fates) has actually expressed interest in doing voices for the Dirk Moonfire podiobook, but there are quite a few female characters, so I figured I'd make this process a little easier on her. If you're interested, and feel that you're capable, then go ahead! Follow Evo's instructions and get in touch. I ought to also point out that there will eventually be another Dirk Moonfire release. . .

    I appreciate the help, Mike and Evo! And congratulations to the Dragon Page on your long run! You guys definitely win the tenure category. Tee Morris is always an entertaining and fun guest -- a highly appropriate choice for this anniversary episode.

  5. Tee Morris says

    No lie -- I was the "4th Anniversary Invterview"?!?

    See, this is the way I love you guys, and one of many reasons why I am so stoked about seeing you in March. Mike, E, the best thing that happened to me as an author is that first interview with you back in 2002. You have always been there, you have always shown your support, and regardless if you meant for me to be the four-year interview or not, you two have always given me support, encouragement, and leads to REALLY GOOD BEER! I've thanked you two and the KAMN before, but I just wanted to say thanks again.

    And I tell you something about that interview...I forgot how much FUN it is to chat with Mike and Evo. That interview FLEW BY for me! Thanks again, guys. Thanks for being there. See you soon...

  6. Karen from Kalifornia says

    Thanks for the informative and thought-provoking interview with Tee Morris. I particularly found the discussion thread about American baseball being mythology striking. Knowing that Tee Morris has stood in Ray Kinsela's shoes goes a long way towards explaining his treatment of Rafe as a protaganist. Once more, CTC raises as many questions as they answer.

  7. You can't beat a good bit of swordplay! It's only more fun when we are pretending to kill The English. If you can, check oot the episode of "American Chopper in Europe" for a demonstration of what us shy, retiring Scots lads get up to at weekends. Happy anniversary guys.