Cover to Cover #206: Tobias S. Buckell

Crystal RainFeatured:
We talk with Tobias S. Buckell about his book Crystal Rain. Tired of the Anglo-european centric books? Then Crystal Rain may be for you. Scifi Fantasy set in the Caribbean.

Also on the show:
- We start the show with a little tea from Adagio Teas.
- We add a little music to the show open.
- Library. (The books of the week.)


  1. Starting the show with music is nice; but it would have been even nicer if you had remembered to record that channel into the recording so we could actually hear it.... Are you sure that was tea in your glass?

  2. With tea it is not just the what, but the how as well. The best resource I know of regarding tea preparation an consumption is the Russian tea HOWTO.

  3. But for something totally different: damned interesting book. This one's going to make Amazon some cash at my expense. Thanks for getting stuff like this out where lazy schmucks like me (I?) can hear about it!

  4. Cool interview. Did I hear it right? He shopped the book around with only the synopsis and three chapters done! I have a new hero.