Cover to Cover #207: Larry Niven

The Draco TavernFeatured:
We talk with Larry Niven about his new book The Draco Tavern. A compilation of stories that span Larry's long writing career. A great interview with a man that has written some of the best scifi of our time.

Also on the show:
- We once again start the show with a little music and some tea that Mark from Memphis sent.
- We add chocolate to the mix this week. You'll want to get some of this stuff!
- Library. (The books of the week.)


  1. Awesome interview with Larry Niven guys! Like the new DPc2c logo on itunes too, is that the new permanent one?

  2. Did you notice that this is the only time that Michael has managed to say "Cylon" properly?

  3. Chocolate and sci-fi. Hmmm.. there's a story there somewhere.

    I didn't realize Larry had been around for so long. Gee, I don't know if he feels older, or if I feel older. Ah well.

    I also like the new graphics. I'm guess we'll hear more about them on Wingin' It!

  4. Nice interview with Larry Niven. Glad to hear you mention "Lucifer's Hammer". That's in my top 5 favorite books of all time. In fact, I lost my first copy and had to buy another when I wanted to read it again.

    Is there a chance you can post a list of conventions you're planning to attend this year?

  5. Philip from Australia says

    What about Footfall. I liked that one, too.

    But Niven has been up there for me for years. Especially the Known Space universe.

    Nice one guys. Another book I will have to buy.

  6. Nice interview guys!

    I'm halfway through the book and loving it. For those who may be new to Larry's work this is hard to explain but reading any of his work is like going home. I grew up reading his stories and he has such a clear, clean writing style that it just makes me feel good reading them.

    One of the best things about his stories is the combination of incredibly steep odds, and optimism.

    I must admit to being dissappointed by one thing in 'The Draco Tavern'. A few years ago I had the opportunity to fix Larry's laptop at a convention. (Conclave 25 maybe?) Before I left his room he wanted to check that the stories he was working on were ok and I just happened to peek over his shoulder and read the first paragraph of 'Halloween at the Draco Tavern'. I was sort of hoping it would make it into the book but apparently not. It would have made a nice little conversation piece.

    Despite Larry's concern that he would only be known for Ringworld, I say keep on revisiting it!

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    Plus I like the advertising bit for your Con fund. (No, I haven't contributed!) I've found what looks like a couple of other good SF sites to enjoy.

  7. Footfall is another favorite, but you can only fit so many books in your top 5 favorites 🙂