Review: 7th Son by J.C. Hutchins

Attention all you Earth-crack junkies out there. J. C. Hutchins's 7th Son podcast novel is well worth checking out. It's a taut, tense scifi thriller that's got me hooked after only a few episodes.

Seven men are kidnapped by a shadowy organization and put in a room together, only to discover that they are, basically, physically identical. Although they come from a variety of backgrounds and work in everything from genetics to criminal profiling to the military, they all seem to be the same person, body and perhaps even soul. Worse, there's one more man walking the earth with their face, and he just might be behind the assassination of the President...

J. C. does an excellent job reading, and the production value is high. It's top tier podiobook work, and I recommend it to anyone who, like me, got hooked on Earthcore or The Pocket and the Pendant. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets bought up and released in a dead tree edition shortly. In the meantime, I'll be awaiting future chapters eagerly.


  1. Stéphane Hubert says

    If you love thrilling suspense with an intelligent plot. If you dig being surprised at every turn. And if youre as easily addicted to anything good as I am. Listen to this book. It is so great. Ive been listening to the story from the beginning and I am still waiting for each episode religiously. I recommend this podcast. Great for lazy readers!!!!

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