Cover to Cover #211: Yvonne Navarro

UltraViolet by Yvonne NavarroOur first topic of discussion is the book Macrolife: A Mobile Utopia by George Zebrowski. This is a novel that Evo read recently and he tells us that this book could change your life. (No, really) It is something that everyone should check out.

Our featured interview is with Yvonne Navarro. She recently penned the novelization of Ultra Violet. We also talk with her about many things that she is working on, including a short-story area on amazon that you may want to check out.

This week's Library Segment has a few titles that may be of interest. Tune in and find out what they are.

The Feed The Dragon Segment may be over for good. Leave a comment here on the show notes if you disagree.


  1. Well my take on the feed the dragon is yes Wingin it is an extended Feed the dragon but it is 99.999% of the time NOT about books. Could you do book related feed the dragon on Cover to cover or is that just stupid? I have found that when you guys talk about books you like instead of just mentioning the books you received in the library I get more interest in them. Maybe discuss your favorite books? Wingin it is wingin it and I love that show for what it is but I am not looking for info on books I want to read or even movies or TV to watch on wingin it.

  2. Karen from Kalifornia says

    Interesting information on the amazon link. Once more you guys are sending me on a journey to discover more great references to add to my library. Keep 'em coming!

    (I kind of like the Dragon, but agree you should keep feeding it Fox executives and the odd bonehead writer or actor, if it stays on Cover To Cover. I nominate Dan Klass for calling Tee Morris "Lee Morris".)

  3. Dan Klass? I thought it was Dank Lass. Sheesh I need to learn to read better.

    I've never been big on movie novelizations because the books are always better than the movies and I want to enjoy a movie from time to time. 🙂 But I may check out UltraViolet as the movie left me wanting.

  4. That's the problem guys (and Karen), we rarely have anything book related to bitch about.

    We could feed POD and other less-than-great publishers to the Dragon, but then how would we get books of undiscovered authors?

    And if we piss of the publishers, then we'll most likely piss off the authors who published books with them.

    See our dilemma?

  5. Oh Mike I will attribute this to Mennengasia but I am every bit a woman as Karen (and unlike her friend I have enough of a god-given rack that I don't need to add to it). Andrea is a female name the male version would be Andre. But I forgive you Mike, I still love you.

    Anyhoo- I wasn't talking about you guys bitchin about books, I was thinking more like talking about books you have read before or are reading that you really like. I know that would defeat the purpose of feeding the dragon but you could change it to READING the dragon or something. Just a thought. I would love the show either way. My to read booklist is frackin huge thanks to you guys.

  6. My to-read pile has more than doubled since I started listening to the Dragon Page. Now I've got Macroscope on order from Amazon. I saw it in the store and easily dodged it, but since Evo said it'll change my life and I liked the last book he told me to read, I had to pick this one up as well.

    And someday I'll get back to watching TV, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. Ah-well. I should be reading.

  7. No J.R. You should be writing...

    Ooops sorry wrong board.

  8. Andrea,

    We're on the wrong post to ask, but what the hell. Are you telling us that you are challenging Karen's friend to a rack-off?

    Oh, please, oh please, let that be the case. 😉

    *I'll be in my bunk*

  9. JR, I hope you meant Macrolife, and not Macroscope.

    Macroscope by Piers Anthony is a completely different book, and since it's early Piers, it may well be worth reading. I do know that the lead character in Macroscope is named Ivo, but to my knowledge, the book's never been covered by Cover to Cover.