Cover to Cover #212: Mur Lafferty, Tracy Hickman

Mystic QuestFirst, Mur Lafferty joins us to talk about what it was like being the editor of Voices. This is a Podiobook compilation, featuring stories by authors who are turing there printed works into audio form.

We wrap things up with Tracy Hickman. Tracy is not here to talk about any of his books. Instead he joins us to help announce some exciting things happening at this years Dragon Con. Tune in, and then make plans to joins us at this years convention. You'll be glad you did.

The Library Segment will return next week.


  1. As of 10:15am Pacific time, when I click on the "listen" button, C2C #212 is not listed on the playlist for the Pupu Player. When I try to download the mp3 file directly, I am getting an error. Thanks for the help!

  2. Yup...2:15 central here and it's still not cooperating.

  3. I had a similar problem but tried again with the "open now" option instead of saving it and it loaded fine.

  4. Sorry folks. We had some issues with the ftp server today. (Seems it doesn't like it when we have 2.3 Gig of show files loaded in it.)

    So, we archive a few (dozen) shows and everything is fine now.

    *on knees begging*, "Send Donations, Need... More... Server... Space!"

  5. you could always set up mirror sites...hmmm, I wonder how many gigs you guys go through.

  6. Gigs??? How about Terabytes... Several...

  7. Richard Scott says

    checking yet again for working, geographically glacial bloggy system

  8. So what was the 'mind fudge' during the intro. Mike mentions show 212, breaks, and says "wow". I know it's a huge number but I haven't heard that before. 🙂

    Just imagine what it's like for those of us who only found you guys a few months ago, catching up on the old episodes. 😀

    "It's Michael and Evo, wall to wall"

  9. I had a moment of realization that my life has been ticking away one week at a time.

    I could have an engineering degree by now. And have a lot more money.


  10. Well it may be cold comfort but I'm sure plenty of us listening to the show would agree that we're happy you ended up where you are now. Between you, that cult guy, a couple of ninjas, and assorted other whackos, this whole Dragon Page thing has added a ton of goodness to our collective week.

    If it helps, I tossed a psych degree back when they were actually worth something. 🙂

  11. Mika from Vantaa says

    My Juice downloaded episode 201 yesterday. Might be connected to this other problem... I smell a conspiracy

  12. Mike, if TDP wasn't around, we'd miss your musk.

  13. Don't worry Mike, we've all felt like your life is ticing away one week at a time too. And just think, your ears will continue to grow!

  14. Karen from Kalifornia says

    Just one comment, take a look at the fan page if you are doubting the influence you have on people. And remember, for every person that joins, there are at least 5-10 that are considering it.

    My favorite story involves the boasting in Heaven about all the souls that these missionaries had saved. One priest claimed over a thousand souls. Another shouted that he had personally redeemed 10,000. They turned to the quiet man at the end of the table and he said, "One."

    If all you have accomplished is to make one person's life better or richer, be satisfied.

  15. Tee Morris says

    Sexy...funny...and deep.

    Thanks, Karen...if you need me, I'll be in my bunk. 😉

  16. The D&D tag team death match sounds in some ways an awful lot like my favorite role-playing game of all time: Paranoia. Remember that gem? The combat system was even called the "Dramatic Tactical Combat System." Be entertaining and you just might survive, be boring and you're dead. Plus you had several clones so the inevitable death (or two, or three) wasn't quite as wrenching.

  17. Well said, Tee.

    But shouldn't you be working on your PodCast?


  18. Tee Morris says

    I should be working on my podcast...

    ...but instead my podcast is working me.

    Two trips to Micro Center and one trip to the Apple Store has left me with a system that still isn't recording properly and a need to go back to the Apple Store to return what I've just bought. Tonight, after I get home from the day job, I hit Radio Shack, hopefully for a solution.

    (I think I'll record tonight's DOCTOR.)

  19. Tee,

    If the solution can't be found at RadioShack you may have to resort to some sort of shamanistic ritual.