Cover to Cover #251: Todd McCaffrey

DragonholderHave you ever gone searching for a book, and discovered that there were very few copies available, and all of those copies cost anywhere from $80 to $200? That's what Summer's been doing the past few weeks. She's also still searching for an out-of-print book for herself, a decent copy of "Tomorrow's Children", an anthology edited by Isaac Asimov... another book that's been out of print for more than 30 years, and all of the used copies start at over $150...

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael talk Todd McCaffrey about many things, including following in the footsteps of his mom, who just happens to be a Grand Master of the genre, and how to play and how not to play in the universe she created, and the pressures that come with the expectations of the name "McCaffrey". He tells us about meeting genre greats as a youngster, and how he was pulled into writing in the world of Pern, and possible future collaborations in other worlds Anne has created over the years.

The Library: Newer entries to the Library this week include Command Decision by Elizabeth Moon, Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair, All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris, The Man Who Melted by Jack Dann.

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  1. I did a quick search at - here is a link to where you can find "Once upon a Zodiac" -

  2. Yep, those are all the same copies I saw listed at Amazon and

    That's an outrageous price, btw 🙂

    However, I did see a couple of different copies of "Tomorrow's Children" for around $60, instead of the usual $200.

  3. Simon Perry says

    Hi all,

    Thanks for an excellent show that has put me onto some great books that aren't all that well advertised on this side of the Atlantic (I live in the UK).

    Thanks to you I have just read " A Secret Atlas" and "Cartomancy" over here in the UK. Both excellent, and I didn't see the reveal coming that ended "Cartomancy". It was a real "damn, now what happens" moment! Can't wait for the final part - so please, please Michael, hurry and get it finished (if you haven't already..."

  4. Here's a copy of Tomorrow's Children for $50: