Cover to Cover #255: Tee Morris

Tee MorrisMichael, Michael and Brian are still wound up from interviewing Tad Williams, but manage to take a breath long enough to explain the pitfalls that can be encountered when dealing with a vanity press, and what the difference is between a vanity press and a legitimate small press.

Basically, it shouldn't cost you any money out of pocket to publish your book. Money should flow to the writer for their work, not the other way around. The guys talk about various ways some people have achieved "published" status from different channels, and some of the warning signs to keep an eye out for when shopping your work around. Don't get ripped off.

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Interview: Tee Morris joins Michael, Summer and Brian live in-studio to talk about his latest projects: podcasting Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, and how much fun he's had getting guest voices for the story. Will we soon see a podcast of Legacy of Morevi?

Morevi started it all, and Tee holds a number of "firsts" for The Dragon Page, before it's evolution into Cover to Cover. This is why he's the guest that never goes away! Did you know that Expert Podcasting Practices For Dummies is slated to be published in September 2007? Also, be on the lookout for Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Pitcher's Pendant, and Exodus from Morevi in 2008.

The Library: New entries to the Library this week are White Night by Jim Butcher, Forged by Fire by Janine Cross, The Coyote Road edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss... and go read Brian's review of Patrick's book!

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  1. I thought you might find this story interesting. A scam currently being run by a POD publisher/author:

  2. Wow, that's underhanded to an extreme level of ballsy.

    The comments on the Publisher's Weekly article about the scam are interesting. That was one busy con-artist.

    And if it is the same person who's listed as being a lawyer, I so want to read the transcripts from their upcoming disbarment hearings.