Joe Murphy -- In Loving Memory

We are sad to announce that our beloved friend and colleague Joe Murphy left us today to his ongoing battle with leiomyosarcoma carcinoma. We loved him very much and will be greatly missed in our lives. We bid farewell to a dear and sweet man.

Tell everyone you know about the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund.

and Thank You to Leann's mini-geek army for helping her put this together:
P.G. Holyfield
Chris Miller
Donna Mugavero


  1. Joe, your humor always made me smile. While you were here your presence made the world a richer, more fun place to be. Energy can not be destroyed, so I know you are enjoying the next phase of your existence somewhere. Take care.

  2. Mike, Lorrie, Evo, Sheila, Summer, and the rest of the Dragon Page/ KAMN crew- this is Andrea, Joe's boss. Thank you for being his family here in AZ. Thank you for taking such good care of him, even when that care included some debauchery 🙂 Joe loved you all as if you were his own. You know I had the great pleasure of working with Joe, so I got to see the two different side of him. I loved that I was one of the only people on earth who knew his both professionally and as the personality everyone has come to know over Wingin' It. Words cannot express how much he'll be missed. Much love to the Big Man!

  3. Bye Joe. Its not the same world without you to listen to.

  4. London Listener says


    thanks for all those times you made me laugh out loud with those zingers. People now leave me well alone on the train.

    God bless and keep em laughing up there. They're going to love your wry observational humour.

  5. I just found this today and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Joe was a great personality and I can only assume by the outpouring of commentary and support he was a good man. I will always remember him because I will now use the word "Brilliant" when appropriate and think of him.

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