Joe Murphy Tribute

A tribute to Joe hosted by Michael, Evo, Mur, Charlie the Beer Guy, Chris the Wingin' It Chef, Debbie from East Mesa, Brian, Tim, Sheila, and Lorrie, featuring clips from "Wingin' It" episodes gone by.

Raise a root beer in memory of Randy Innuendo.

Song: "Mason Rocket" by Beatnik Turtle


  1. Michael Russ says

    I loved the show, and the tribute. "Mason Rocket" deserves to be a major motion picture! How about putting that creative genius to a screenplay. With all the public love for comic book heros and secret agents, there is room for Joe's story!

  2. The tribute was beautiful guys. Thanks.

  3. Nice tribute to Joe. Sorry I got to this late and heard about Joe so late. My god this went so fast. Great show guys - loved the Captain America comic with Joe too.

    Bye Joe - hope you are having fun somewhere man!