Cover to Cover #261: K. A. Bedford

Michael and Michael run the show this week, and respond to the buildup of listener commentary, and Mike Stackpole throws out a story description that he's searching for the author/title for.

Voicemail: Trampas weighs in about political views overwhelminig the story in the fiction; Indiana Jim comments on a discussion about writing fiction about on a topic that you cannot endorse personally in the real world; Zack on books containing overly preachy moments; Robin also talks about the line between being preachy and not being preachy; Will lists several of his reading essentials: Foundation by Asimov, Fuzzy Papers by H. Beam Piper, Battlefield Earth, and one unknown title that he'll get back to us on.

Listener Feedback: What books changed your life, and what books are your A+ books? Keep letting us know what your personal essential books are!

Interview: Michael, Summer, Brian, Michael and Tim talk with award-winning Australian author Adrian Bedford about his latest book, "Hydrogen Steel", which Tim eagerly read through for review.

Adrian tells us all about creating the universe of "Hydrogen Steel", and creating the characters that live there as the story flows back and forth between a detective mystery and a hard scifi story, and about the award nominations it's garnered so far.

For more details on the book, see Tim Adamec's review.

The Library: New arrivals to the studio this time around: Righteous Anger by Lynda Williams, The Heart of the Stars by Kate Forsyth, No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong, Logorrhea edited by John Klima, Kitty Takes A Holiday by Carrie Vaughn, Dreaming the Serpent Spear by Manda Scott, Divergence by Tony Ballantyne, Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

Link: K. A. Bedford's blog
Link: EDGE Online Catalog: HYRDOGEN STEEL
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  1. Auntie I says

    If I'm not mistaken, the Series that Mike is trying to think of is "Bio of a Space tyrant" by Piers Anthony.

  2. Hi guys--

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for having me on your show. It was a hoot, and I really appreciate it. Thanks again! --A

  3. Am I the only one who's noticed that the older episodes of Cover to Cover are no longer accessible from the website? Every time I click the "Older Posts" button it just returns me to the top of the current page. Mike, can this be fixed? I just started listening to Cover to Cover and I'm jonesing for more! 🙂

  4. There's a glitch in the website regarding that, but the best way now to access older shows is by clicking on "Show Archive" under "COVER TO COVER" in the header.

    That will give you a listing of all the C2C shows ever done, but only back to Show #165 are currently available online. Shows older than that are archived, and we are working on a way for listeners to purchase those either online or on CD.

  5. David Sandey says

    Another entertaining show. For what it's worth Boudica is pronounced bouh-deekah or /bɒʊˈdiːka:/ formally known as Boadicea (

    On the subject of ideas for future shows. I'd be fascinated to hear interviews with authors who have written sci-fi or fantasy that doesn't appear in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of the bookstore. Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go" and Audrey Niffenegger's "The Time Traveller's Wife" are examples of the books that I mean. Literate fiction that the average genre reader might miss because it is shelved in the "wrong" place.

  6. Nina rocks. She fixed the glitch that prevented paging backwards to older posts that aren't on the top page anymore.

  7. Actually, I'll disagree on Lewis. What he was whacking you over the head with became groaningly obvious, even to me as a kid. Admittedly the first book is the best, and not quite as bad to start with.