Cover to Cover #274A: Marianne de Pierres

Dark SpaceWelcome to more "Cover to Cover" for your week! That's right... everything we've been hinting at and warming you up for the past month is here.

Twice as much "Cover to Cover" every week. The "A" show will be sent out on Mondays, the "B" show will be sent out on Thursdays, and maybe there'll still be a little of something in both shows for you all to listen to.

We are not breaking off a separate voicemail show... this double shot is something a little bit different. Show A will continue to be about writing, publishing, and interviews with authors, while Show B will focus on listener feedback, but also contain book reviews and commentary, and some other informative segments.

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael talk with Australian author Marianne de Pierres about her latest book, Dark Space, the first book in her new series "The Sentients of Orion". She's created a new universe, different from the world in her Parrish Plessis series, one where the races are in a technological race to talk with God, who was discovered in deep space after an ship on a mining exploration run suffers a navigational failure and drifts off course.

The Library: Michael, Michael and Summer go through a few more new arrivals to the studio: Undertow by Elizabeth Bear; Territory by Emma Bull; Till Human Voices Wake Us by Mark Budz; The Gospel of the Knife by Will Shetterly; Ragamuffin by Tobias Buckell; Garden of the Purple Dragon by Carole Wilkinson.

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

Link: Marianne de Pierres
Link: YouTube: "Dark Space" book trailer
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  1. okay i will add fodder to the fire. You were looking for suggestions on the new show things to do. Might I suggest some reviews of podio book titles and audio books as well. I like to get a lot of books in audio format for road trips and working out.

  2. Lou Sytsma says

    Great ideas folks! Looking forward to hearing other people's reviews.

    I know I'll be submitting some.


  3. Jeremiah,

    In the past two weeks we received the audiobooks for Sandworms of Dune and The Shadow Puppets... the first audiobooks for review we've ever received (since I've been here, anyway). We were also contacted about some Doctor Who audiobooks from a publisher in the UK, and those are going to be reviewed by a "freelancer" for Slice of SciFi.

    It's a matter of finding people with the time to add their own two cents in, right now.

    Meanwhile, might I suggest for the latest in audiobook news and reviews? Jesse Willis and his team run an excellent resource for audiobooks, radio theater and I suggest you visit there and bookmark it immediately!

  4. Hey,

    Thanks for the interview with Marianne. I had no idea she lived here in Brisbane. I now feel slightly guilty for not picking up one of her books before. But hey, plenty of time to remedy that. Very intrigued about Dark Space.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    are you coming to the Brisbane Writer's Festival? I'm doing an interview with Kevin J Anderson about the 'Dune' books at the Powerhouse on the Saturday night. Should be fun!
    Marianne de Pierres

  6. Still needs to pick up a copy of Dark Space... and I shall as soon as my next pay check comes in.

  7. Hey Marianne,

    I haven't looked at the program yet but yes, I was probably going. The Powerhouse isn't far from where I live so I'll hopefully make that interview 🙂


  8. Hi Matt
    let me know what you think