Cover to Cover #278A: K. L. Nappier

Bitten by K. L. NappierDiscussion: Michael and Michael talk about their Dragon*Con travels, and Michael M will never eat at Popeye's Fried Chicken ever again. He is doing a public service about it now for all writers now out on their book tours, as well as working out his trauma issues over on Wingin' It 3-D.

Interview: Michael, Summer and Michael talk with K. L. Nappier about Bitten, a sequel to Full Wolf Moon. Yes, it's about werewolves, but the first story is set in California iin 1942, in a Japanese internment camp. Bitten follows several characters through hunting werewolves in the early 1950s, just as the US is moving forward after the end of World War II. It's a new way of looking at old terrors.

Story Craft Discussion: Jason from Colorado asks if any of us have come across a universe that we'd love to write a story in and contribute to. Michael S points out that he gets to play in the Star Wars universe, and mentions how Fred Saberhagen opened up his "Swords" universe to other authors. It's very hard to become invited to work in another author's universe, and we talk a bit about collaborative universes (Borderlands, Thieves World).

Michael M would like to play in the world in "The Wine of Violence", Summer would love to play in Robert J. Adams "Horseclans" world (as well as write for various TV shows), and Michael S enjoys playing in the Conan universe currently, but would love to play in Roger Zelazny's "Amber" universe.

Michael S then instigates: creating a collaborative universe on the web. Call it a Dragon Page challenge... have a world inhabited by Hobbit-like creatures where an alien spaceship crash lands in their world. A collaborative world-building effort, a web-based writing exercise!

Submitting Listener comments: If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know!

Can you do an audio book review no longer than 3 minutes? Here's what we're looking for:

  • Book title, author, publisher, cost
  • Must have been published within the past calendar year
  • Why did you like the book?
  • What about the book will you remember a year from now?
  • Why do you want to recommend this book to other potential readers?

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  1. Jason of West Oz says

    I heard the 3 conditions for Tick Tock Hobbit as being:
    1. A world with Hobbit-like creatures
    2. and magic powered autonotoms (medevil clockwork powered by magic - but can't 'do' magic)
    3. and an alien ship to crash on that world.

    Rating requirements PG-13 for sex and light R for violence.

  2. My step-father is writing a rodent-killer sized Legend of Zelda novel that will sadly probably wind up in the same trash bin as Matt Stover's The Real Flash Gordon.

    As for what universe I'd love to write for, I'd love the chance to write a novel based on The West Wing that picks up from the finale and covers the first 100 days of the Santos presidency.