ADPoV #24: Pull Back the Leash

ADPoV #24 - Pull Back the Leash

People have been bringing up a new game coming out this year, and TD-0013 talks about the magic of the Force.


  1. ROFL! That was great, TD! Humorous and informative! But you're definitely right, there's no way an apprentice could do that to a star destroyer.

  2. Okay, I know I'm kind of a techno-tard, but I'm so pleased that I can go on ITunes and download all of these in one fell swoop.

    Makes it easier to burn and distribute. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    She of the Blue Snoobs

  3. Spoon bending baby stealers, now that's T-shirt worthy.

  4. LucasArts get crazy with Jedi Powers? Nahahaha, couldn't be.

  5. torin liden says

    I don't know if you guys read the books, but Dorsk 81 DID throw a whole fleet of Star Destroyers out of the Yavin system in the books. wow, I'm a nerd... lol. It DID kill him, but he was weak to begin with. A stronger jedi or sith would not have too much of a problem doing it.