Cover to Cover #303A: Scott Sigler

InfectedMike Stackpole has an asteroid named after him... Asteroid 165612, discovered in 2001, joining Phil Plait and a handful of other skeptics with asteroids as namesakes.

Proof we are starstuff after all?

Interview: New Media Rockstar Scott Sigler joins Mike, Summer and Mike to chat about his newest hardcover release, INFECTED. He talks about the interest of Crown Books in experimenting with using free content to promote sales of the print version, with free e-book version available for a few days prior to the print release, as well as the podcast version of the book being released again.

Will this convince the old line publishers to be more flexible with this kind of marketing strategy? We can only wait and see.

Hopefully you already got the free PDF download that had been in the feed since last Friday.

Voicemail: Darcy's Dad has a few questions about the FarPoint and Third Life Books Castles in Second Life; Trucker Overdrive comments on the literary world's snubbing of scifi, and misunderstood what the analysis was focused on; Ziv from Israel with comments on the Prince Caspian trailer and Christianity in the Lewis books brought up in their podcast; Divorced Geek with comments on husbands not knowing what things may or may not intimate with their wives.

Is there such a thing as being discreet in a voicemail? Discuss.

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Link: see Stackpole's asteroid
Link: Scott Sigler
Promo: EDGE SF / Dragon Moon Press
Promo: INFECTED by Scott Sigler


  1. I cannot get this episode to download at all. Not through iTunes, not even from the site directly. There may be other ways to try but I've got to get going cause I've got class. 🙁 I was so looking forward to hearing about the asteroid.

  2. tim and darcy low says

    its easy arkle. delete it from itunes and resubscribe to it. works every time for us.
    Congrads on the book getting out into the bookstores Scott, picking up my copy on thursday, Best of luck with the career.


  3. WTG Mr. Stackpole. In good company with Phil and Rebecca. The Astronomer must be a big podcast listener because that's how I know about all those people.

  4. OK, is it just me, or does the guy who does the "Infected" promos sound like Megadeath's Dave Mustane's dad or something, the way he inflects his words.
    Just wondering. =)

  5. Vanamonde says

    It appears Podango suffers from regular bouts of goslowititis.

    Frustrating I know, but just try downloaidng another time.

  6. Personally, I want to buy e-books. But when i see on a website that they want the same amount of money for the e-book as they do for the dead tree version, I just can't do it.

  7. Now, why aren't e-books at least half, or one-third the cost of the dead tree version?

    Mass market paperbacks are about one-third the cost of the hardcover (these days), and trade paperbacks are about half the HC cost.

    Why can't the all price e-books in the $2-$5 range, and see what the market will bear, as well as see at what price point more people will buy it?

    Makes me wonder what this "new" thing Tor is going to be unveiliing in another couple of months... I'd guess their free giveaway of books in PDF format is a tease for something along that line.