Robert Asprin Remembered

Robert Asprin, creator and co-author of the MythAdventures series with Jody Lynn Nye, and editor of the Thieves' World anthologies with Lynn Abbey, passed away on May 22 of a heart attack at his home in New Orleans.

For those in the New Orleans area, there will be a "spontaneous wake" in his honor on Sunday, May 25, at Fahy’s Irish Pub, the corner of Toulouse and Burgundy Streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans, "from 9:00 PM until the last person leaves."

Link: Wikipedia: Robert Asprin


  1. tim and darcy low says

    wow this is so sad,
    i just started to read the myth series that dad has here and it's really funny. and dad's very first d and d game was in thieves world. actually, sorry it was his second because he brought a kender thief into thieves world. you guys should ask him sometime about it, its all way funny.
    I hope mr asprin is up there with all the other people thats gone on and they are sitting around telling stories to my mom and the other angels. just think guys, all the new ones they will come up with and we get to hear forever. eteranty is forever, and its going be fun to be with all these cool people. i call dibs on sitting up front!

    be looking for you mr asprin


  2. That's a shame. He was awful young to leave. I got to meet Mr. Asprin when he was doing a signing a few years ago at Dragoncon. Busy as he was, he took a few moments to answer a question I had for him. A great contributor to the genre, he will be missed.

  3. I never knew the author just a readier of two of his books Dragons Wild and Dragons Luck. I wish there was a way to see a third and final or more if someone takes up the choice to help his work that understood it very well and is able to continue it. It very sad that he has passed away and I hope he has had a calm sleep in the sky were all the dragon fly. He is my favorite author in fantasy and I wish that there was more he could give even in death. I do hope one day someone will continue his work in his name but until someone takes up anything let his soul rest peacefully and that dragon watch over him as one novelist that truly understood fantasy and all that there is to it.

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