Cover to Cover #311A: Gail Z. Martin

Blood KingVoicemail: Trampas has a question regarding the use of technology in fiction, and whether or not it's better to stick to know tech in the past, or put the setting in the current day and not worry about future real world advances making the story dated.

Trampas tells us about his meeting Jim Butcher at a Kansas City book signing; Darcy's Dad enjoyed the Tracy Hickman chat, and wants to know what method of book buying and selling would benefit the authors the most; Darcy's Dad complains about too much Wingin' It on his Dragon Page.

Interview: Michael and Summer talk with Gail Z. Martin about The Blood King, Book 2 of The Chronicles of the Necromancer, and the developments around her series since we talked to her last year.

Hear about the epic series Gail has planned, the renaissance fair book signing tour, and more!

Listener Review: Mick from the Gold Coast gives us a review of the Lucky Star young adult series by Paul French. Paul French was a psuedonym of Isaac Asimov's, used specifically for this young adult series published in the 1950s.

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  1. Mario Z. says

    I waited for another interview with Gail. Awesome! I'm very interested in the series and look forward to the Austria / Germany release of The Summoner in February 2009...

  2. I like the idea of "chronicles" series that are trilogies or single books all set along the timeline of a single, well-developed world. I'm thinking of Robert Silverberg's Majipoor Chronicles. There's something richer and more appealing, especially when we get books exploring how things came to pass in the world's history. I've yet to find anything that matched the Majipoor Chronicles but it sounds as though Gail's books could do the trick.

  3. I'm trying to buy an ebook by Gail Z Martin " The Summoner".
    Any advice anyone?

  4. Was "The Summoner" ever available as an ebook? I know it's still in print... I saw a copy in a Barnes & Noble last week.

    The third book in the trilogy, "Dark Haven" is supposed to be out next week, in fact.