Cover to Cover #318A: Raymond Benson

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Interview: This week, Michael, Michael and Summer talk with author Raymond Benson about his two latest books, A Hard Day's Death and Metal Gear Solid.

Raymond was the fourth official writer of the James Bond 007 novels, and wrote the Bond novels that came out between 1996-2003, writing 6 original novels, 3 movie novelizations and 3 short stories. Since then, he's moved on to start a new series featuring PI Spike Berenger, who specializes in rock music industry cases. A Hard Day's Death is the first in the series, and pulls extensively from Raymond's love and knowledge of rock-n-roll. He personally knows the guys from Jethro Tull.... 'nuff said.

Metal Gear Solid follows the character Snake Solid in an adventure beyond the video game, as he attempts to rescue hostages and disable a superweapon at a nuclear facility that's been taken over by FOXHOUND operatives.

Voicemail: Will the Computer Guy tells us about the Mobipocket reader that he has and how he likes it; Will the Computer Guy has a question about grammar when indicating dialogue in prose; Mike from RI wants to know more about the issue with "zombie" novels as discussed in C2C #314A; Lejon with comments on ebook readers, suggesting that people should look into creating their own reader hardware.

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  1. Shane from Sydney says

    Speaking of new fiction I've been catching up with the short fiction on Escape Pod and frack me it is good. Life's too short for zombie* novels. Go and read something new today.

    *BTW, Zombie stories are cool. Just finished "Day By Day Armageddon" and reading "World War Z" now. I was listening to "Fortress Draconis" but it ended... Come on Mike S, don't make me go out and buy the book... hmm $6.99 eh... [click]... Ok Mike don't make me read it my self...