Cover to Cover #320A: Matthew Wayne Selznick

Discussion: Darcy's Dad points out the Robert Asprin Tribute over at MythAdventures; PC Haring rails about the adhesive magnetic strips being put inside books at certain booksellers (could it be Borders, because new books I've gotten in B&N weren't vandalized like that); Mike wonders why the WotC ebook versions of the D&D books are priced higher than HC editions on Amazon; caller lets Stackpole know how much he LOVED his 7th Son: Obsidian story; Aussie commentary on zombie books, with "Time Ships" being an exception; Elaine in Las Vegas wonders if the electronic boom might lead to more serialized fiction; Darcy's Dad comments on the growing elimination of in-flight entertainment being provided by airlines;

Interview: This week, Michael and Summer talk with Matthew Wayne Selznick about his Internet push to promote the print version of his highly successful podcast novel, Brave Men Run. He also tells us about the many incarnations the story has gone through, as well as the plans behind the bumrush of Amazon.

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Link: Matt Selznick
Link: Brave Men Run


  1. A response to the caller about security tags in books. This has happened for years at the major chains in hardcover books. That he found it in a softcover is new. And I have seen it at both chains. B&N I know drops the tags into the spine area of the book among other places on the hardcover.

  2. Security Tags
    Regarding Mike's comment re "Destroying the product to keep it in the store".
    Welcome to my world - you should see what those gigantic staple clip security tags do to lingerie.