Cover to Cover #328A: S. M. Stirling

Scourge of GodInterview: This week, Mike and Brian talk with S. M. Stirling, who made a quick stop in town on a book tour promoting The Scourge of God, the sequel to The Sunrise Lands, and latest in a 9-volume sequence.

Discussion: Mike and Mike talk about some of the newest developments in Second Life for Third Life Books, the new spaces for writers and artists, and more. Also, at 6pm Pacific on September 28, come on in and listen to Scott Sigler give a talk.

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Link: Offical S. M. Stirling Website
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  1. The interview with SM Stirling was tops guys. Brian, you're self confessed fan boy when it comes to Stirling and you haven't read the Nantucket series. *Recoils in horror* Ok, go. Now. Read them. We'll wait till you get back.
    Come to mention it, have you read the Draka series too?