Cover to Cover #333A:

Discussion: Mike and Mike field a request for opinion about Stephanie Meyer's statement that she's not going to publish her next novel in the Twilight series, Midnight Sun, because it's already been leaked onto the Internet, and is considering giving up writing altogether because of this situation.

She has decided to make the draft that's being illegally distributed freely available to everyone from her website, but she's also decided not to complete the novel any time soon (Read the posting from Aug 28, 2008 for more details).

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Interview: This week, Mike and Mike talk with Pablo Defendini and Irene Gallo, two of the producers behind the new Scifi Community about how the new project came to be, and how this site is far more than just a marketing tool for Tor Books... it truly is a cross-publisher community of authors and artists, featuring original written and audio fiction, editor and author blogs, and much, much more.

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  1. it's sad and terrible that someone would do that to this lady's work. writing is hard, and here she took all the time to write it and someone comes along and steals it. so not cool. is there someway we can write her and say how much we are so for her and hope she dont give up writing?


  2. You can tell you are getting old when producers sound like they have just left school.

  3. wow, just had a listen to the cast - was interested in the first bit on this pirated novel bizness. So, I've never heard of the books in question - but I have to say MAN - your commentators really ripped into this author! accusing her of freaking out over nothing, suggesting she might quit due to embarrassment at the poor quality of her unfinished work, and even suggesting that the leak is a PR stunt for the movies? These books must be amazingly bad - to leave these people with such a low opinion of the writer....

  4. Marcus, it wasn't their suggestion at all.

    She said herself on her own blog that she might quit writing the series, or quit writing altogether, because of someone leaking an early draft of the unfinished book. Mike and Mike were merely throwing out speculations as to why she said she would quit over this incident.

    For writers and other creative types, sometimes people are asses toward you and your work, either because they haven't found the courage to create something of their own, or believe they are entitled to the "rewards" that you have, without putting in the work themselves. Pirating books is now part of our reality, unfortunately, but if you were an artist, and someone stole one of your works, would it make you quit being an artist entirely?

    She's made the pirated draft freely available on her website, to basically thumb her nose at the jackass who stole her work in the first place, but saying she doesn't want to finish it or write anymore in the series *ever* because of this seems a bit drastic to me.

    And no, apparently the books are very good, because the last book had one of those midnight debuts, much like the last few Harry Potter books... people have been waiting for this movie, as well. I have not read them, but Lorrie has, and she absolutely loved them.

  5. summer is right, its on that lady's blog. and the books are way good, everyone tells me. i have not read them yet.
    im so mad someone would do that, steal someones writing. that's a part of their life!

    i can sorta understand her wanting to not write. i would be same way. id be mad and afriad of getting ripped off again. so i totally understand.

    i hope she dont stop wrting, that would be too sad.


  6. While I have some sympathy for Meyers I still reckon she is wrong to punish the fans. David Weber released the full incomplete version of his novel on-line by accident. What he and his publisher Baen did was offer it for sale as the oopsie version stressing that it was unfinished and incomplete. Full story here...

    The two Mikes mentioned some theories that are worth asking Stephanie Meyers about so I hope you guys can get her on the show.

  7. I have to agree with Summer's statement, "She’s made the pirated draft freely available on her website, to basically thumb her nose at the jackass who stole her work in the first place, but saying she doesn’t want to finish it or write anymore in the series *ever* because of this seems a bit drastic to me."
    Does seem very drastic, so I am taking a wait and see approach here. I just hope this doesn't turn into a J.K. Rollins ploy again, where shes doing this to increase sales and interest in the movie. That is a slap in the face to readers to me, and something i'll never forgive J.K over.
    So, lets see what happens, it's a interesting world we live in.


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