Cover to Cover #343A: Elizabeth Bear

Happy 2009!

Listener comments: Mari from Michigan lets us know about Readius, a flexible screen gadget specifically that's a pocket e-reader... have any listeners out there seen or used this device?

All the Windwracked StarsInterview: Mike and Mike chat with Elizabeth Bear about her latest book, All the Windwracked Stars.

It's the story of the last surviving Valkyrie after Ragnarok, and her quest 2000 years later to finish the battle against the darkness and save the world from a final apocalypse. They're calling it a periapocalyptic Norse noir steampunk cyberfantasy. Try finding a good way to put that on the spine without disrupting the cover art!

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  1. Happy 2009!

    Cool interview. I like Norse Mythology and Steampunk as well, so this sounds very interesting. I hope there will be a German version 🙂

  2. Mari from Michigan says

    Thanks for playing my voicemail! But it's "Mari" not "Maura." 🙂

    I'm very interested to see how much this device and Plastic Logic are going to cost.