Cover to Cover #353B: J. C. Hutchins

Discussion: Dubshack wonders why there are freelance writing scams out there, and Mike and Mike elaborate on the vast number of writing and publishing scams out there... remember, money flows to the writer from the agents and publishing houses, not the other way around. A good site to start educating yourself about the writing scams out there is Preditors and Editors.

The discussion then turns to the economic effects on authors and purchasing habits of readers, and much theorizing about possible future trends.

Interview: Mike and Mike talk with J. C. Hutchins about his new project "The Brink", and tells us all about the merging of his new novel, Personal Effects: Dark Art, with an alternate reality game, and the social networking angle built up around the promotion of the book and the alternate world.

J.C. discusses the evolution of the "vlurbs" for the book that have been incorporated in the high-end video trailers for the book; elaborates on more of the extra content that will be available in the book, and the tangible and intangible links to the book's world that can be found in the real world, and more.

Check out the universe of Personal Effects, and prepare for the first volume in the series, Personal Effects: Dark Art, starting from his website

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