Cover to Cover #358A: Gail Z. Martin

Discussion: Before jumping into the book talk, Mike M laments his running injury while Mike S reminisces about the high rollers lounge he hung out at in Las Vegas.

Mari from Michigan asks if there are different ways for writers to describe what a character is wearing without having it read like plain boring exposition, and successful examples are provided.

Interview: Gail Z. Martin returns to the show to talk about the third book in the Chronicles of the Necromancer series, Dark Haven.

Gail also chats about her writing process when dealing with such a deep and vibrant world and a large number of characters.

Sometimes, the outline just has to be left behind in order to get the story told properly.

She also talks about about the growing fan response and feedback to the series and the characters, and the growth of some of the other minor and major characters in the books, and balancing using the social media networking tools as a promotional tools for the books with the time needed to write the books.

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